perceptible [pər sep′tə bəl]
[LL perceptibilis < pp. of L percipere]
that can be perceived
SYN.- PERCEPTIBLE is applied to anything that can be apprehended by the senses but often connotes that the thing is just barely visible, audible, etc. [a perceptible smell of coffee ]; SENSIBLE applies to that which can clearly be perceived [a sensible difference in their size ]; PALPABLE refers to anything that can be perceived by or as by the sense of touch [a palpable fog ]; TANGIBLE applies to that which can be grasped, either with the hand or the mind [tangible property, ideas, etc. ]; APPRECIABLE is used of that which is sufficiently perceptible to be measured, estimated, etc. or to have significance [an appreciable amount ] -ANT. IMPERCEPTIBLE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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